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The Bridal Butler eliminates the stresses of your big day to make it your dream day. 

In 2011, I was lucky enough to meet the woman of my dreams on a beach in Panama City Beach, Florida and just a few short years later I asked her to marry me. Before I knew it the big day had arrived, and though I have so many fond memories of that day, one thing my wife said stuck with me. As she watched all of our friends and family pitch in to gather gifts and decorations at the end of the night she said, "If only there was someone to do all this so our family didn't have to stop celebrating." And I remember thinking...there should be.


That's how The Bridal Butler came to be. After attending countless weddings (including my own) and seeing how a helping hand could have made the day more enjoyable for all involved, I decided to create a new kind of personal service. A service that allows for brides, grooms, and their loved ones to enjoy their special day without any hassles or inconveniences.















Blake Baker

The Bridal Butler

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